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"Hey Google" is all you have to say when you want Google Assistant to do something for you. With 1 simple statement, you can easily make different devices in your home work for you. Your smartphone, smart speaker, smart TV, smart lamps and smart thermostat, among other things, do exactly what you say. For example, your smart lamps automatically dim in the living room when you say: "Hey Google, dim the lights in the living room". To make it easy for you, we have listed all products that are compatible with Google Assistant for you in 1 overview. That way you don't have to look any further.


The Google Home speaker plays your favorite music and is your hands-free helper around the house. The speaker is adjustable per language and country. From the country you select, you get the most up-to-date information about services such as train traffic, weather and news. Give commands to play music or dim the light of your smart lamps. Thanks to the speech recognition, you can use the speaker with up to 6 people.  Determine settings such as the speaker's language and the temperature display. Do you have a Google Chromecast? Then you stream voice-controlled videos via the speaker to your television and connect the speaker to other Google Cast-supported speakers.

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