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We set up a wireless network with coverage on several floors of your home or office with the  Ubiquiti UniFi access points. Because the access points communicate with each other, your devices always remain connected to the strongest station. For example, you can walk through the office while making video calls or your stream will not cut out when you move from the living room to the bedroom.



The Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway is a professional router with firewall that completely protects a small business network against external threats. The router can send up to one million packets per second, making it very useful for peer-to-peer networks or, for example, when you host a website. The UniFi Security Gateway has useful business functions. This way you can easily restrict access to websites and set up secure connections via VPN.



Via the cloud key you can  we check the health of your network in the TV-Technics lab and make updates if necessary. The updates are performed whenever the devices are not in use by you.  As standard, we offer free monitoring and maintenance of your network for 1 year. Extension of your maintenance plan is also possible,  Causing  keep your devices up-to-date  and quicker action can be taken in the event of defects or malfunctioning of the installation.



We can also turn your garden into a hotspot with an outdoor access point. Feel free to walk from the inside out with your smartphone to continue enjoying your spotify, netflix and other streaming services, without interruption. Well secured, of course, so that your neighbors cannot enjoy your lightning-fast network.

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