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STEWART SR Reference Speaker Cables 3m (Double Bi-wire, Single Bi-wire or Full)
  • STEWART SR Reference Speaker Cables 3m (Double Bi-wire, Single Bi-wire or Full)

    ​Stewart Island, known as Rakiura by New Zealand's Māori natives, meaning Glowing Skies, is the third-largest island in the country and the most southernly populated. Famous as a destination for observing the Southern Lights - the Aurora Australis, the sky is lit with moving green and pink hues on the horizon against a backdrop of dancing green veil, drawing gasps of awe from every spectator.

    The Stewart SR Reference Speaker Cable has been designed to draw a similar response from every listener via our most sophisticated design yet. Based on a symmetrical architecture, four bundles of conductors are dedicated to High-Mid & Low frequencies.

    Premium Conductors and Formulations

    The High-Mid bundle employs ultra-premium Monocrystalline Silver strands in combination with Monocrystalline Copper strands, carefully formulated to achieve a high homogeneity for pristine & smooth tonal delivery. Dedicated Low frequency bundle employs Long Crystalline Oxygen Free Copper strands in a multi-core design for tight & voluminous bass. All conductors are insulated with high-quality Polyethylene PE dielectric and filled with air-tubes.

    In-House Developed Connectors

    Leaving no stone unturned, the Stewart SR are factory terminated with in-house designed & developed connectors, with a selection of BFA Banana and Spade connectors on each end. Meticulously designed from scratch, everything from mould-making, bend-angle adjustment, final finishes to the testing of these connectors were all conducted under supervision. Fabricated from a single solid piece of Pure Red Copper with 24K Nickle-Free Gold-Plated, the Connectors are covered by brass and natural walnut wood housing, with both the brass case and screws also plated in 24K Gold.

    Optimized signal contact with vibration-reduced cable connector Termination

    Extensive efforts have gone in to optimally preserve the highly engineered conductor crystalline structure, where the designers have chosen to depart from the norms of soldering conductors to connectors. Instead, an in-house designed and developed connector is cold-welded to the conductor through an in-house process, which holds the conductor to the connector without the use of solder. This process avoids any use of solder which alters the crystalline structure of the conductor through high temperature, as well as avoiding added impurities in the solder which are both detrimental to the sound signature.

    Additionally, the connector, made of high-quality brass, is paired with 24K Gold-plated steel screws and custom dampeners which spreads the holding force over a large contact area. This ensures both a secure and uniform contact even as the cables are subjected to equipment vibrations. The net effect is an uplift in clarity and separation worthy of its Reference Range status.

    Mixed Connector Configuration Available

    We understand every system may require a different connection. Therefore, the Stewart SR can be custom made into Spade connectors, BFA Bananas connectors, or a duo of BFA Bananas and Spade connectors on each end. The user is also able to decide between full-range or bi-wiring on either end of the cable without further modification, as most speakers and amplifiers will accommodate at least one of these options.

    Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful – prepare to be awestruck.

    • Technical specifications

      Cable Type: Stewart SR Reference Speaker Cable

      Metal: Monocrystal Silver + Monocrystal Copper + LC-OFC

      Metal Diameter: 10AWG

      Dielectric: Polyethylene PE Dielectric on Main Conductors + PE AirTube

      Terminations: Double Bi-wire, Single Bi-wire or Full Range

      Connectors: Pure Red Copper + 24K Nickel-Free Gold-Plated Spade or BFA Banana

      Connector Housing: Solid Natural Walnut Wood + 24K Gold-Plated Brass

      Jacket: Black/Blue Braided

      Outer Diameter: 20mm

      Lengths: 3.0M or Custom Length

      +1m = +1300€

    Tax Included
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