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Sonos beam
  • Sonos beam

    Product description

    Finally it's here, the new Sonos Beam (Gen 2) . With the Sonos Beam 2 you can transform your living room into a real home theater. Enjoy breathtaking 3D sound thanks to Dolby Atmos. Thanks to multi-room, you can easily add extra speakers or subwoofers to the soundbar so that you can enjoy the best sound throughout your home. The Sonos App has several functions. The most important function is to install and personalize your speakers, but you also use the Sonos App as a remote control and stream music or internet radio via the Sonos App.

    The three most important differences between the Beam and Beam (Gen 2) at a glance:

    • Improved, faster processor in combination with an HDMI eARC connection
    • Dolby Atmos sound reproduction
    • Design, the new Beam has a grille

    Beam, evolved

    Smarter on the inside
    A faster processor enables Dolby Atmos support and creates two new audio paths for a virtual sound experience.

    More beautiful from the outside
    With a precisely perforated grille, Beam looks as beautiful as it sounds and fits seamlessly into your interior.

    Great sound, all around you

    Five powerful speakers completely fill your room with dynamic lows and clear highs, and impressive depth.

    Dolby Atmos

    Dramatically realistic
    Dolby Atmos accurately maps sounds in your room for a 3D effect. This makes an airplane seem to fly over your head, footsteps seem to move through the room and you feel the film music all around you.

    Crystal clear dialogues

    The soundbar was fine-tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers so that you understand every word and can always follow the story. Turn on Voice Enhancement in the Sonos app to make dialogue even clearer when characters whisper or the action starts.

    High quality, even when the sound is turned down

    Advanced sound processing ensures balanced sound at any volume and from wall to wall. If you want to watch TV but don't want the sound to be too loud, you can enable Night Mode in the app to reduce the intensity of loud sound effects and hear softer sounds better.

    Made for music

    Stream music, radio, audiobooks and podcasts from all your favorite services in detailed stereo sound that fills the entire room. “When we develop a soundbar, we pay as much attention to music as we do to home cinema.”Grammy-winning music producer and Sonos Sound Experience Leader

    Installed in no time

    With just two cables and clear step-by-step instructions in the Sonos app, you can start listening to incredible sound in minutes.

    Perfectly coordinated

    Trueplay tuning technology adapts the sound to the unique acoustics of the room so that your content always sounds the way it was intended.

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