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Project Debut Pro white edition
  • Project Debut Pro white edition


    Pro-Ject Audio Systems celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special masterpiece: the Debut PRO turntable, which is also available in a limited 'White Edition'. This turntable is an impressive continuation of the company's impressive success story.

    The Debut PRO White Edition turntable adopts the basic philosophy that Pro-Ject has pursued since its first turntable: simple, stripped-down design, combined with high-quality materials and technologies to provide the best possible sound quality.

    The Debut PRO impresses with its technical refinement that makes the hearts of audiophiles beat faster. A one-piece 8.6-inch aluminum tonearm with adjustable VTA and azimuth ensures precise tracking of your records. The nickel-plated aluminum bearing block ensures stable and precise rotation.

    The turntable is equipped with a high-quality MM cartridge (Pick it PRO), while the White Edition comes with the exclusive 2M White cartridge for even more sonic enjoyment. The precision-machined aluminum platter with TPE damping and the improved motor suspension ensure excellent playback quality.

    Thanks to the electronic motor control, you can switch between 33 and 45 revolutions per minute and you can even manually set 78 revolutions per minute. The chassis of the Debut PRO is eight times hand-painted MDF, which not only increases stability but also looks stylish.

    Delivery includes a dust cover, a high-quality phono connection cable, a 7-inch single adapter and many other practical accessories. The record player is also equipped with gold-plated RCA/Cinch connections.

    The Debut PRO White Edition is not only technically impressive, but also a visual highlight. The satin white surface gives the record player a timeless elegance.

    With its speeds of 33/45/78 rpm and electronically controlled belt drive, the Debut PRO offers maximum versatility and precision. This turntable is a real listening pleasure for music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts.

    2M White

    Made by Ortofon

    Not only optically, also soundwise the perfect fit on the Debut PRO White.

    VTA & Azimuth

    Fully adjustable

    The Debut PRO White comes with fully adjustable Azimuth & VTA. It offers you the possibility to modify your turntable if you want it.

    33/45/78 RPM

    High-precision motor control

    The playback speeds are electronically controlled with precision, which guarantees the most accurate and stable music reproduction. Change between speeds easily with the toggle switch.

    Bearing block

    Complete new design

    The precision CNC milled and painted tonearm bearing parts are completely new and designed just for the PRO.

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