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NAD Masters M66 BluOS Streaming DAC Preamplifier
  • NAD Masters M66 BluOS Streaming DAC Preamplifier

    The Masters M66 BluOS Streaming DAC Preamplifier is a revolutionary hi-fi component that combines an audiophile DAC with a high-resolution multi-room music streamer. Equipped with Dirac Live Room Correction and Dirac Live Bass Control, the elegant design and the vibrant 7″ touchscreen exude quality and class. Pair it with NAD's M23 power amplifier for a stunning system that excels technologically, sonically and visually.

    NAD Masters M66 BluOS Streaming DAC Preamplifier

    The Masters M66 BluOS streaming DAC preamplifier is not only the most advanced preamplifier NAD has ever offered, it also represents an entirely new class of hi-fi separation components. In addition to a plethora of inputs, including MM/MC phono and HDMI eARC, the M66 includes an audiophile-quality DAC and a high-resolution multi-room music streamer.

    Along with the full bandwidth version of Dirac Live Room Correction, the M66 features Dirac Live Bass Control, allowing independent control of each connected subwoofer, for smooth, consistent response in your listening room. The combination of Dirac Live Room Correction and Dirac Live Bass Control enables the M66 to deliver more accurate in-room performance than any two-channel component.

    With its elegant aluminum casing, super-smooth digital volume control and vibrant 7″ touchscreen, the M66 exudes class and quality. Visually, sonically and technologically it is an ideal match with NAD's award-winning Masters M23 power amplifier. Of course, the Masters M66 BluOS Streaming DAC Preamplifier can be connected to any high-quality amplifier.

    • Technical specifications

      Features & Details*

      - Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks
      - BluOS network streamer provides access to more than 20 streaming services, including several that deliver lossless and high-resolution audio
      - Top-end ESS Saber ES9038PRO DAC and ES9822PRO ADC chips
      - Innovative DDH (Dynamic Digital Headroom) circuit eliminates digital intersample peak clipping distortion
      - Full MQA hardware decoding and rendering
      - Support for Apple AirPlay 2. Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect
      - Seamless integration with smart home control systems such as Crestron, Control4, ELAN, RTI, URC and others
      - Support for Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri voice control
      - Dirac Live Room Correction
      - Four balanced and four unbalanced subwoofer outputs
      - Dirac Live Bass Control ensures a seamless mix between the subwoofer(s) and the main speakers, and smooth bass response throughout the listening area
      - Extremely quiet MM/MC phono stage with precise RIAA equalization, high overload margins and infrasonic filter
      - HDMI port with eARC support
      - Two optical and two coaxial S/PDIF inputs, one AES/EBU balanced digital input, two pairs of line-level RCA analog inputs, one pair of balanced XLR inputs
      - Special headphone amplifier with low output impedance and very high output voltage
      - Highly accurate resistance ladder digital volume control
      - 7″ touchscreen on front panel
      - Elegant aluminum housing
      - Two MDC2 expansion slots for adding future capabilities
      - Includes high-quality IR remote control

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    Expected 2024
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