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Montaudio Rangitoto R1 8pc/set
  • Montaudio Rangitoto R1 8pc/set

    Rangitoto is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand, with its distinctive symmetrical shield volcano cone rising 260 metres high over the Hauraki Gulf, forming an iconic landmark of Auckland.

    Inspired by the appearance of the volcano, the creators have constructed the Rangitoto R1 Vibration Dampener Pod with very high strength solid stainless steel, coupled with three soft dampening engineered rubber rings on the top and underside to provide outstanding vibrational dampening and anti-slip / anti-scratch performance.

    Much like the shield volcano, the top of the Rangitoto R1 is dominated by a sharp central indent, capable of taking spiked dampeners to further minimize unwanted vibrations as well as internal and external harmonics resonance. This enhance the presence of mid-range, accuracy of bass and soundstage, resulting in an immersive listening experience.


    Solid, Steadfast, Supportive – prepare to be unshakable.


    • Minimise unwanted vibrations and resonances

    • Enhances clarity across the frequency spectrum

    • Superior soundstage and listening experience

    • Improve bass accuracy and sound definition

    • Central cone indentation designed for spike feet

    • Unibody solid stainless steel CNC construction

    • O-ring modification kits available to suit your needs

    • Technische specificaties

      Type:             HiFi Anti-Vibration / Isolation Feet

      Net Weight:  Approx. 115g / pc

      Dimensions: Approx. ø 36 mm x  H 22  mm

      Load:             Recommended up to 30 kg / pc

      Packaging:    4 units/ package & 8 units/ package

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