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Audioquest Rocket 22 speaker cable 2.5m
  • Audioquest Rocket 22 speaker cable 2.5m

    Rocket 22 is a clearly audible step better than Rocket 11, and is an ideal Full-Range or Single-BiWire cable. Single-BiWire allows you to optimize performance when your speakers have Bass and Treble inputs.

    BiWiring reduces distortion in the cable - removing the heavy bass energy from the cable that carries the more delicate treble signal is like removing waves from the sea when you (or in this case the Treble signal) are trying to swimming. The magnetic autonomy of the individual halves of the Rocket 22 maximize the benefit of the BiWire connection.

    Semi-Solid Concentric conductors are a better alternative to the commonly used multi-core conductors. Semi-Solid Concentric conductors use fewer, but thicker strands that do not change position along the length of the cable. The strands thus have a fixed, rigid relationship, reducing distortion, improving resolution and dynamics, and greatly minimizing tonal harshness and diffuse soundstage resulting from the interaction between the strands.

    Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) / Long-Grain Copper (LGC) has less oxygen in the conductive material, fewer impurities, fewer transitions in the metal and significantly better performance than standard OFHC copper. LGC copper is used for the inner conductors in the 'Semi-Solid Concentric' conductor construction. PSC, with its amazingly smooth surface, is used for the Rocket 22's outer layer of Semi-Solid Concentric conductors. It is this outer layer of conductors that has the most effect on the clarity and smoothness of the Rocket 22. A careful application combination of PSC and LGC makes it possible to bring the performance of this combination closer to using the more expensive PSC alone, while retaining the economic advantage of LGC.

    Double Low-Inductance Geometry: A 'normal' speaker cable has a fairly high inductance, which dissipates the energy over time and makes the sound sound dull and unfocused. The two conductors in each half of Rocket 11 provide lower inductance, greater clarity and superior bass-to-treble frequency. Rocket 22 is supplied with SureGrip 300 spades or banana plugs. These connectors use directly silver-plated copper, without the usual extra layer of nickel in between.

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