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Anthem MRX540 8K A/V receiver
  • Anthem MRX540 8K A/V receiver

    The Anthem MRX 540 receiver completes your home cinema experience. This powerful Anthem receiver is equipped with all new technologies and offers an unprecedentedly beautiful display of image and sound, even in stereo!

    Anthem MRX 520 receiver: full of smart features

    The Anthem MRX 540 receiver is packed with useful features that ensure that viewing and listening become a convincing experience. Of course, this Anthem A/V receiver is also equipped with a high-quality amplifier design, which delivers a powerful power of 100 real watts on the five channels. No expense was spared to optimize the design, with sound quality, the power of the display and the ease of integration within a home cinema setup paramount. The result is impressive, because the Anthem MRX 540 is not only easy to use, but also sounds phenomenal.

    What does the Anthem receiver offer?

    The 7.2 preamp platform of the Anthem MRX 540 decodes Dolby Atmos & DTS:X, among other things. In addition, additional amplifiers, such as the Anthem MCA GEN2 power amplifiers, can be connected to the extra outputs. There is no shortage of streaming options, such as (soon) Spotify Connect and Roon, but Bluetooth, in addition to Airpay2 and Googlecast, is also among the options of the MRX 540. While setting up was often a hassle in the past, with the Anthem web user interface all functions and settings accessible with smartphone, tablet and PC. 4 of the 5 internal power amplifiers can also be reassigned, for example for bi-amping. Like the other members of the Anthem AV family, the MRX 540 also features the stylish new design.

    But the most important thing? Anthem proves that high-end audio and video go hand in hand with simple controls and great sound.

    Anthem MRX 540 AV receiver: home cinema as it was meant to be

    Just like its predecessor, the successful MRX 520, the Anthem MRX 540 has 5 power amplifiers on board for an impressive surround and stereo reproduction. The MRX 540 is the entry point into the world of Anthem home cinema. Multi-channel playback as home cinema is intended: a powerful and impressive display of all content, films and music. Of course, the amplifiers (5 x 100Watt / 8Ohm) are of excellent quality, stable and durable, just like their bigger brothers. But the (free) Anthem Room Correction (ARC Genesis) software is also unique in its kind. Because a high-quality measuring microphone is included in the box with a stable metal microphone stand, nothing is left to chance and the user can expect a result as if you had been working with studio measuring equipment and measurement & correction software costing many thousands of euros.

    • Tech specs

      MRX 540 8K Specifications

      Maximum Output (<0.1% THD) 5.2 VRMS, 7.1VRMS
      Frequency Response 20Hz - 30KHz +/-0.2dB
      Frequency Response, Analog-Direct AFTER
      THD+N (2 Vrms output) -100 dB
      S/N Ratio (2 Vrms output, IEC-A filter) 110 dB
      MRX 1140 / MRX 740 SNR: 91 dB ch 1-5, 86dB others
      MRX540 SNR: 91 dB ch 1-5
      Compatible with 4 Ohms or higher impedance.
      MRX 1140 MRX740 MRX540
      Channels 1-5, Two Driven into 8 Ohms 140W 140W 100W
      Channels 1-5, Two Driven into 6 Ohms 170W 170W 130W
      Remaining Channels, Two Driven into 8 Ohms 60W 60W after
      Remaining Channels, Two Driven into 6 Ohms 75 W 75 W after
      MRX 1140 MRX740 MRX540
      Typical Load 570W 485 W 365W
      Stand-by 0.3W 0.3W 0.3W
      Standby IP Control Enabled 1.8W 1.8W 1.8W
      Standby HDMI Bypass Enabled 4.9W 4.9W 4.9W
      Height (without feet) 6" (15.24cm)
      Height with Rackmount Kit 4H
      Width 17" (43.18cm)
      Depth (including wifi ant not power cord) 14-1/2" (36.4cm)
      MRX 1140 33.6 lb (15.2 Kg)
      MRX740 33.2 lb (15.1 Kg)
      MRX540 28.2 lb (12.8 kg)
      120V version: In countries where the line voltage is 120 V, this product operates from a single phase AC power source that supplies between 108 V and 132 V at a frequency of 60 Hz.
      220-240V version: In countries where the line voltage is 220, 230, or 240 V, this product operates from a single phase AC power source that supplies between 198 V and 264 V at a frequency of 50 Hz.
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